Requirements to matelaworking machine dramatically changed in the last decades. Following parameters have reached primary importance:

  • Functional versatility, precision and reliability;
  • Convenient and easy operation and maintenance;
  • High productivity;
  • Energy efficiency;
  • Connectivity;
  • Reasonable prices.

The new generation lathes A500 by Arinstein features all the above parameters.

Ergonomical properties of the machine are defined by the bed with the reach-over carriage; precision of travel is ensured by linear type guidelines; technological capacities of the machine are increased thanks to the turret with driven tools. The machine’s state-of-the-art CNC is suitable for solving complex technical tasks.

A 500 series is intended for high precision turning and milling of flange and roll type work-pieces, complex surfaces, e.g., knuckle pins, for tapping and threading, for milling grooves and profiles, and also for drilling holes beyond the center line of the work-piece.

Workpieces made of construction steel, alloyed and tool grades of steel, pig iron, non-ferrous and light alloys can be handled on these lathes. A 500 series are intended for manufacturing small lots and series.



Turret head of Baruffaldi, Sauter or DuplomaticEfficient power transfer through a compact design;

  • Maximum spindle speed 4000 rpm;
  • High turning accuracy.
  • CNC controls of Fanuc or Siemens

High machining accuracy;

  • 3D visualization of the machining process;
  • Network operation;
  • Use of ShopTurn software by Siemens;
  • TFT displays from 10,4″ to 17″ (Siemens / Fanuc);
  • Connectivity by LAN / WLAN / USB.

Electric cabinets are air-conditioned (Rittal) and fitted out with components by such well-known suppliers as Siemens, Baluff, Kloeckner-Mueller, etc.

Design Features

  • The bed is a welded steel construction that is filled with special sand so as to provide more rigidity against vibration and sound absorption, and also to reduce thermal deformations.
  • Moveable units are provided with linear roller-type guidelines (similar to THK) that ensure high precision of traveling and longer lifetime of the lathe.
  • Feed drives include ball screws and digital AC motors supplied by Siemens.
  • The headstock supplied by EMCO, Austria, is a cast case with ribbed surface so as to reduce thermal deformations; inside the headstock a spindle runs on high precision roll bearings.
  • Angle of the spindle is controlled by means of a special sensor.
  • The 2nd spindle (optional) is a motor spindle by Siemens, which is installed on movable carriage instead of the tailstock.
  • All the movable components are located inside the cabin so as to ensure safe operation of the machine; guidelines of the movable units are protected against chips and emulsion.
  • Thanks to the slanted position of the reach-over carriage, chips are dropped to the conveyor located in the front part of the machine.
  • The hydraulic system is integrated into one module which includes a tank with an inbuilt gear pump, an air heat exchanger, distribution, control and measuring devices.
  • The control console is equipped with TFT up to 17″, keyboard and handwheel.
  • The CNC Sinumerik 840 Dsl is compatible with the programming standards of DIN/ISO.

Specification and main parameters of the CNC

  • Linear and circular interpolation

  • Data editing for program input and modification

  • Graphical testing of part programs

  • Radius and length compensation

  • Cycles of deep drilling, tapping, groove milling, selection and contouring of rectangular, round and any other pockets

  • Mirror machining and Scaling ratio

  • Program rotation and shift

  • Axis travel alignment by means of potentiometer, 0-120%

  • Spindle speed alignment by means of potentiometer, 50-120%

Company Country
Akcan Makine Sanayii Ltd. Sti. Turkey
Ambold Pressen & Maschinenbau GmbH Germany
ARO Schweisstechnologien GmbH Germany
Emtec Ltd. Great Britain
Forelli Pietro SpA Italy
FPM Srl. Italy
John Deere Werke Germany
Mannesmann Demag GmbH Germany
Marcels Maschinen AG Switzerland
Maskin-Importen ApS Denmark
Metalexport Ltd Poland
NKMZ Ukraine
RD Machine Outils France
San Miguel S.L. Spain
Siegfried Jacob Metallwerke Germany
Power Engineering & Manufacturing, Inc. USA
Stan Canada Inc. Kanada
Supfina Machine Co., Inc. USA
The Gear Works USA
Piston Trading LLC Emirates
Hestico Ltd. SA
Lianpad Co Ltd India
Mega Motors Company Iran
VIT Co. Ltd Vietnam
GE Aircraft Engines Australia
MODIFICATION А500.1 А500.2 А500.3
Swing over bed 570 mm 570 mm 570 mm
Maximum turning diameter (for a length 170 mm) 520 mm 520 mm 520 mm
Swing over cross slide 375 mm 375 mm 375 mm
Distance between centers 1000/1500/2000 mm 1000/1500/2000 mm 2000 mm
X-axis travel 310 mm 310 mm 310 mm
Z-axis travel 1000/1500/2000 mm 1000/1500/2000 mm 1000 mm
Y-axis travel (option) ±50 mm ±50 mm ±50 mm
Maximum part length 1000/1500/2000 mm 900/1400/1900 mm 1900 mm
Maximum workpiece weight flying 250 kg 250 kg 250 kg
Maximum workpiece weight between centers 600/800/1000 mm 600/800/1000 mm 900 mm
Distance between chuck end-face and center of gravity 175 mm 175 mm
Spindle nose according to DIN 55026 A2-8 A2-8 A2-8
Chuck diameter 315 mm 315 mm 315 mm
Spindle bore 103 mm 103 mm 103 mm
Hole in draw tube 90 mm 90 mm 90 mm
Speed range 40… 3000 rpm 40… 3000 rpm 40… 3000 rpm
AC-motor Fanuc (Siemens) Fanuc (Siemens) Fanuc (Siemens)
Power S1/S6 30/37 (28/43) kW 30/37 (28/43) kW 30/37 (28/43) kW
ZF double reduction gear (1:4) (option)
Maximum torque on spindle (without ZF-reducer) 500/620 (535/800) Nm 500/620 (535/800) Nm 500/620 (535/800) Nm
Maximum torque on spindle (with ZF-reducer) 1500(1800) Nm 1500(1800) Nm 1500(1800) Nm
Maximum feed force in X and Y axis 7500 N 7500 N 7500 N
Maximum feed force in Z axis 11000 N 11000 N 11000 N
Rapid traverse 20 m/min 20 m/min 20 m/min
Number of tool stations/ including driven (option) 12/12 12/12 12/12
Tool shank according to DIN 69880 VDI 40 VDI 40 VDI 40
Maximum torque on tool (Fanuc/Siemens) 43/34 Nm 43/34 Nm 43/34 Nm
Maximum power (Fanuc/Siemens) 5,5/12,7 kW 5,5/12,7 kW 5,5/12,7 kW
Maximum rotary speed (Fanuc/Siemens) 4000/3600 rpm 4000/3600 rpm 4000/3600 rpm
C-AXIS (option)
Minimum spindle indexing angle 0,01 degrees 0,01 degrees 0,01 degrees
Maximum torque (Fanuc/Siemens) 500 Nm 500 Nm 500 Nm
Maximum rotary speed 80 rpm 80 rpm 80 rpm
Taper hole MK5 MK5 MK5
Maximum application force, (tailstock without sleeve) 11000 N 11000 N 11000 N
Sleeve diameter/stroke 100/140 mm 100/140 mm 100/140 mm
Axial/radial sleeve load 5000/7500 N 5000/7500 N 5000/7500 N
STEADY REST (option)
Gripping diameter 8… 105/15… 170/35… 250 mm 8… 105/15… 170/35… 250 mm 8… 105/15… 170/35… 250 mm
Height, width 2360/2230 mm 2360/2230 mm 2360/2230 mm
Length with chip conveyor 5360/5960/6550 mm 5360/5960/6550 mm 6550 mm
Weight with chip conveyor 11000/13000/15000 kg 11000/13000/15000 kg 15000 kg

Product brochure
Catalogue “ARINSTEIN A500”




In 2008, Arinstein entered the market for the production of special equipment for the railway industry.



Technical retrofitting, overhauling and modernising allow these unique devices a second life.



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